Release Date 03/01/2024

Savage Garden| Jardín Salvaje, in partnership with the Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary Fair and Paul Fisher Gallery.

Jordi Mollà was born on July 1, 1968, in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, and has earned international acclaim as an actor, painter, writer, and director. A renowned visual artist, Mollà has been exhibiting regularly in fine art galleries and art fairs internationally for over 30 years. His breakthrough NFT series MASKED was phenomenally successful, selling out immediately and earning acclaim as an artistic breakthrough in a new medium, relying only on his painterly talent, he seamlessly integrates the most ancient and the most contemporary expressions of fine art.

In 2022 Molla received the prestigious distinction of the naming: “Camino de Jordi Mollà Perales”, in the town of Montesa in Spain in his honor. Also, in celebration of the 65th anniversary of the first bull to grace Spanish roads, Jordi created 65 unique hand-painted toros/bulls sculptures. In 2022/23 Molla exhibited in Palm Beach, Florida, Mexico City, Zurich Switzerland and various major art fairs with Paul Fisher Gallery. Through the month of September 2023 Molla’s paintings and upcoming new NFT series “Behind the Masks” were featured in video billboards in Times Square and Chicago.

Mollà connects and communicates visually with his audience through a plethora of different styles and techniques that take him from abstract to pop, graffiti to hyper-realism. Although some of Mollà’s art may seem spontaneous and created in the bounds of a finite time frame, a great number of his sought-after works have taken the artist years to complete. Mollà often returns again and again to a piece, adding ideas, colors, feelings, and universes of experience in a new unit of time, thus enriching the artwork, bestowing it renewed breath and life

Jordi Mollà


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